AP Lab Physics 1 Labs

1. All formal Labs must include the formal lab report using the template below:
2. All formal lab reports will be graded using the rubric below:

Formal Lab Report MS Word Template (docx)
How to write a lab report with sample (pdf)
Formal Lab Report Grading Rubric (docx)

LAB 1-1:
1D and 2D Kinematics
Lab Report Template (Short Form)
Data Table sample for accelerated motion

LAB 1-2:
1D and 2D Kinematics-(Horizontally launched Projectile)
Lab Report Template (Short Form)
Data Table sample

LAB 1-3:
1D and 2D Kinematics-Horizontal Projectile motion with an angle

LAB 2:
Newton's Second Law

LAB 3: Circular Motion
LAB 4: Conservation of Energy
LAB 5: Impulse and Momentum

LAB 6: Harmonic Motion Series (3 labs)

SHM of Mass and Spring
2. SHM of a Pendulum
3. Waves on a String

LAB 7: Rotational Motion
LAB 8:
Mechanical Waves
LAB 9: Resistor Circuits
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